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Together Alone

These days, we need to cultivate distance. Physical distance to the ones we love, the ones we care about, the ones who makes us happy, the ones who makes us laugh. The world is a strange place to be in now. “I could see you everyday, but now’s not the time to. I won’t push […]

Within Me

Talking about life with a friend a couple of weeks ago, about life, about loneliness (self imposed or not), relationships, and also that feeling of helpless anger regarding world politics solely based on the economy and with little to no respect for nature and the human kind itself. Then, the coronavirus situation takes over… and […]

The Best Thing Than Never Happened

“In a constant daydream, I have you within reach, You tell me you can’t stay, but you remain closeby… Now silence reigns, As words remain… The illustration of my absent pain. With no sense of frailty, (yet) in an underlying outreach, One might think of arrogance, but not you and I… Something has begun, (When) both feel undone. […]

Missed Moments

Imagine two people who crossed paths on a corridor. They briefly glanced and smiled, exchanging some sort of cordial “how do you do” words, the only words they had ever said to each other before.

Pink Makeup and Lingerie

When a friend experiences woman-related pain and trauma, men reveal themselves as the caring, considerate, mindful human beings that they are (and that, more often than not, they hide from the society who labels them as “that”).