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“In the heart of town, eyes closed… The scattered distant clouds match my scattered distant thoughts. I turn to look, and you’re still there… This bliss needs not a word, needs no sound other than that of nature. Against the sunset light, your silhouette… And my heart just skips a beat, as I lay my head on […]


“I’ve walked for so long, so long I don’t know. I’ve left the (car and the) world behind, so far behind my shadow. (But) I walked this much to listen to the river’s murmur, I’ve walked with no hesitation, I fled… I walked to freeze my own thoughts and felt warmer, Listening to the music […]

You Don’t Know It’s A Dream

Dreams are dissociated with reality but, sometimes, they touch reality with the tiniest details that cause you enough doubt to think “didn’t that really happen?” or feel “this was sooooo real!” just after you wake up. “You don’t know it’s a dream, as I enter the room. It’s not just as it seems, I think, […]

My ‘Dear Joe’ letter

We are not acting as if we are facing our own species extinction. The process has happened before, but never caused by one single species. Us, the homo sapiens, are on the brink of achieving that milestone, that landmark.

The Best Thing Than Never Happened

“In a constant daydream, I have you within reach, You tell me you can’t stay, but you remain closeby… Now silence reigns, As words remain… The illustration of my absent pain. With no sense of frailty, (yet) in an underlying outreach, One might think of arrogance, but not you and I… Something has begun, (When) both feel undone. […]

Missed Moments

Imagine two people who crossed paths on a corridor. They briefly glanced and smiled, exchanging some sort of cordial “how do you do” words, the only words they had ever said to each other before.

Pink Makeup and Lingerie

When a friend experiences woman-related pain and trauma, men reveal themselves as the caring, considerate, mindful human beings that they are (and that, more often than not, they hide from the society who labels them as “that”).