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The week in news #39 – 2017JAN16 … 2017JAN22

For this 39th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Airbus’ flying car, gravitational waves, a shark’s assexual reproduction, Eugene Cernan’s death, Chelsea Manning to be released, Evernote’s update, Audioslave reunion, Radiohead to tour in 2017, an avalanche in Italy, Fiona Apple’s protest song, etc.

Female voices (pt.1) – Fiona Apple

Listen to “Fast As You Can”, “Never Is A Promise”, “Please Please Please”, “Across The Universe” and you’ll become addicted. Addicted, I said. Her bio (at “Epic Records”) reads:Out of virtually nowhere, 19-year-old Fiona Apple established herself a visionary singer and songwriter with her 1996 debut album Tidal. With gems like “Shadowboxer,” “Criminal,” and “Sleep […]