Hugo Salvado


Portugal Virtual

From one day to another, the team becomes fully professional, within a leading media group. Game on!

When, in mid-1996, Publivirtual is acquired by Lusomundo, we become a part of the leading cinema film distributor in Portugal, an enormous company which also owns one of the most prestigious newspapers in Portugal, Diário de Notícias.

Portugal Virtual, v2 (screen capture)

Portugal Virtual, v2 (screen capture)

Having a team of 7 (JG as Director, JF as developer and web-designer, AJG as systems and technical support, FS and AA as hi-fi and culture journalists, LG as administrative, myself as music journalist/photographer and occasional web-designer), we know are within a large media network, but the day-to-day does not change much.

I land my first real professional gig in July 1996… an interview with “guitar god” Joe Satriani, a day after he opens for AC/DC at Estádio do Restelo.

The website now is gaining visibility, much to the credit of our cinema page, where all the theatres and films in exhibition are live updated and also due to the premieres giveaways we have on the website. Things do seem to be growing and taking shape, also after TG taking over the project helm, after JG’s resignation.

On a Friday 13th, more precisely in December that year, Lusomundo pulls the plug on “Portugal Virtual”.