Hugo Salvado


Portugal Virtual

It is September 1995 and the Internet is taking its first steps. The world is still unaware of the global network possibilities, reach and mid and long-term implications.

Starting from an idea by JG to develop an “on-line magazine” (or “net magazine“, as it was referred to then), Portugal Virtual takes its first steps in the Autumn of 1995.

Portugal Virtual, v1 (screen capture)

Portugal Virtual, v1 (screen capture)

As curious as it may seem, especially because I was an Engineering student then, I was invited to participate by my own father (FS), who knew nothing about programming, but envisioned some sort of immense, almost limitless potential in this new information technology.

So, one day, I jump aboard, with a few simple tasks in the musical area. The first independent and exclusively Internet-based magazine is launched within the month, with categories such as music, hi-fi, culture, and technology.

As soon as I am told that one does not learn HTML in one day, I take the challenge and spend two whole nights at it within the next few days and, almost instantly, become autonomous in the process of creating and publishing contents.

In early 1996, I become the editor of the musical area and, a few weeks later (May 1996), Portugal Virtual becomes 100% professional as it is acquired by the media giants of Lusomundo.