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There is too much information out there. In fact, the World Wide Web has generated an information overload, where one has difficulties in separating what is, and what is not.

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41… and change

Why this?
There is no valid reason to live a life a person does not wants for one self.

Hugo @ Azeitão, 2014.Aug.18

Hugo @ Azeitão, 2014.Aug.18

Just before I turned 41, a decision became clear to me,  of not pursuing anything that constrains me in a way that my happiness and/or freedom may be tarnished… it does not mean that “inflexible” is going to be a word which relates to me, but rather that criteria (…)

It becomes natural and obvious that I welcome and value new friends, that there clearly is room for more… for people enter our life constantly and make it richer, and there is no need of the existence of a void space for someone to take part of one’s life, to become close, intimate, special, unique.