Hugo Salvado


Live Music OD

Concerts, crowds, loud music…

Dream Theater, José Cid, Jose Gonzalez… three concerts in four days.


Sunday to Wednesday, four days of intense music exposure, three concerts and one band rehearsal, musical moments that drive and motivate me to do all things in life.
Looking at each of the concerts:

Dream Theater @ Coliseu (Porto)

April, 30th – Driving the 300Km that separate my hometown of Lisbon and Porto feels just like a breeze when you have 3 friends in the car, dying to get to Porto, eat a “francesinha” and listen to great music live.

Ricardo, Hugo, Jorge, Pedro... francesinhas!

Ricardo, Hugo, Jorge, Pedro… francesinhas!


With the “Images and Words” CD playing non-stop, we talk about music and life, our favourite concerts and the ones we missed, and there are 4 different approaches and reason for liking Dream Theater the way each of us do.

The first part of the concert…

John Myung chose to have his solo moment with a tribute rendition of Jaco Pastorius’ …


The second part of the concert started with “Pull Me Under”, arguably their most known song to date.




José Cid @ Aula Magna (Lisbon)

May 1st, 2017 – (…).

“Mellotron, o Planeta Fantástico”…

Desde (…)


José Gonzalez @ Aula Magna (Lisbon)

May 3rd, 2017 – De




Bottom line: this is something I want to pursue on a permanent basis, something that has to a play a bigger part in my life.

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