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Stray Dogs

In the aftermath of the latest and unsuccesful “Finding Sushi” chapter – where we got to find Zika and return her to her owners -, I spent some minutes by the piano thinking of what could be done to find the scoundrel dog who we are missing for a week now.

Give up

“I gave up on sleeping when I was 19,There was too much to be done,I didn’t do it right away,I lost myself along the way,But I came home.But I found home. I gave up on you way too soonYou never knew how I felt,I felt I had gone astray,I found myself along the way,But I […]

You make the cold night beautiful

“It is but a moment while our eyes meet,Had it been (for) a second, all would have been revealed,I look up, you look elsewhere,This was not supposed to happenThe hunger is there, we become awareAll in a second’s fraction. It’ll be but a lifetime until we meet again,Had it been tomorrow, it would have been […]

Fishermen’s bay

Dwelling in a social media platform, I stumbled upon a photo of a woman, a singer, slightly older than I am but who also – as myself, I say – looks quite younger and youthful than what the ID card may surely accuse.

Script XXII

More often than not, people see things happening is a diverse perspective, even if they are as close to each other as possible. More often than not, issues observed at such close distance are never discussed… what could there be to discuss? Years come and go and we realise how diverse those points of view […]

What will ever be

Teenagers have flirts, crushes, passions… but, once in a while, they feel that their relationship may be deeper than that, although they may be too young and immature. More often than not, it all ends.Bitterly and unexpectedly. But the memory of an intense feeling remains clear… and also a number of deeply felt and intense […]

Absent but not away

It’s a cliché, isn’t it? But that’s the best way for me to put it… these past few days have given me jolts of enthusiasm and motivation; am I indulging myself? You be the judge.Don’t let it be mediocre… help me out. “I have been absent but not away,I’m back home, problems kept at bay,I […]

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