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Stray Dogs

In the aftermath of the latest and unsuccesful “Finding Sushi” chapter – where we got to find Zika and return her to her owners -, I spent some minutes by the piano thinking of what could be done to find the scoundrel dog who we are missing for a week now.

Yin, Yang and the other

The day I’m referring to is a birthday. Yours. “I had to learn how to live with distance.I had to learn so much, little did I know. The first day meant absence.You never called, I could not reach you.Things have not be that different since.The first day also meant pain. You were away, I was […]

Rasperry king

There’s a need to be exquisite.But there’s the need to be understood.So, no need to be inaccessible. No need for that. Where to go?What message is there to convey?Who will be elegible to fully comprehend? It may be common as a raspberry but it’s also distinct as a king. “Taste me, while I’m tangible.Breathe me… […]

Today is tomorrow…

Wrote this yesterday and it makes perfect sense. The expression “today… is tomorrow” is used by Bill Murray’s character in “Groundhog Day” when he finally comes through the night to see 6:01am the next day. I feel like writting again.I feel restless again.Enter music.Enter words. “I bought the tickets and chose the seatsTwo by two, […]


The final song of the album I’m working on (tentatively called “Zero“, a clear reference to my experience at it) is “THIRTY THR33”. Capital letters. It’s an instrumental song (or close) and it concern the present year and the things that have surrounded me throughout the year. Now that I look into it, I know […]

A step forward…

“Sometimes, we have to take a step forward.It always takes some time“. Well, I can add some points to this sentence that wander my mind in this special day. How should one feel one he/she realizes that sometimes a step back is necessary in order to be possible to take two steps forward ?… It […]