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The older I get, the better I was

Not. Sometimes, I feel the aging (especially in sports), but the more I age, the more I feel the knowledge I gained allows me to do more, new, better things. This life is a non-stop learning process and it pleases me to learn from all kinds of people, from all ages. Sometimes (and not that […]

No car… the train will do…

This one is hilarious… I didn’t bring the car to work today and in order to stay late, I asked if a friend could give me a ride; he said yes and forgot about it. When I called him, he was practically home. Oooops !… So, I had to get on the subway and then […]

They want me to stay…

Less than one day has passed. He ran into me in a corridor and invited me for a quick meeting with the two “top dogs” in the place. Everything was compliments, incentives…All were words of praise… They want me to stay put. Coincidence ?There’s no such thing.

I might go…

I let him know that I may go.It’s not that I’m unhappy or unsettled… there just might be an opening someplace else that will suit me better. He was a class act.Knowing that I thrive for personal challenges and evolution, he made it clear that I have all his support. I also made it clear […]

Launched !…

Not a space shuttle or a physical vehicle… but definately a means of transportation was launched today. It is merely a website, but it’s more than that for me, as it was something that I was invloved as project manager. Not that that’s new for me, but this v.2.1 of the website truly represents an […]

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