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Script XXII

More often than not, people see things happening is a diverse perspective, even if they are as close to each other as possible. More often than not, issues observed at such close distance are never discussed… what could there be to discuss? Years come and go and we realise how diverse those points of view […]

Yin, Yang and the other

The day I’m referring to is a birthday. Yours. “I had to learn how to live with distance.I had to learn so much, little did I know. The first day meant absence.You never called, I could not reach you.Things have not be that different since.The first day also meant pain. You were away, I was […]

What will ever be

Teenagers have flirts, crushes, passions… but, once in a while, they feel that their relationship may be deeper than that, although they may be too young and immature. More often than not, it all ends.Bitterly and unexpectedly. But the memory of an intense feeling remains clear… and also a number of deeply felt and intense […]

Now’s Not The Time

Now, it’s too soon for the aftermath… but pain is counsel. I don’t welcome it, nor I want it to be the dominant feeling, but it is. No death shall come out of this.A rebirth is more likely. This is a sequence of feelings (and/or events).But I’m sure many have felt (and/or experienced) it before […]

Today is tomorrow…

Wrote this yesterday and it makes perfect sense. The expression “today… is tomorrow” is used by Bill Murray’s character in “Groundhog Day” when he finally comes through the night to see 6:01am the next day. I feel like writting again.I feel restless again.Enter music.Enter words. “I bought the tickets and chose the seatsTwo by two, […]

Just found my Vera

I never ever had negative feelings towards you. We were only too young to grasp what others expected us to be. But I was never the same again. “(…)Remember how she said thatWe would meet againSome sunny day?(…)What has become of you?Does anybody else hereFeel the way I do?“ in “Vera“, by Pink Floyd