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The week in news #159 – 2019MAY06 … 2019MAY12

For this 159th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Russia will control its Internet, graphene as an almost ‘magic’ material, Recep Erdogan refuses to lose Istambul mayorship control, Meghan Markle gives birth to a boy, Liverpool beats Barcelona 4-0 and qualifies for Champions final, etc.

The week in news #157 – 2019APR22 … 2019APR28

For this 157th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: bombing attacks in Sri Lanka churches and hotels, CO2 levels still rising despite ‘Earth Day’, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy elected President in Ukraine, basketball legend John Havlicek dies at 79, etc.

The week in news #151 – 2019MAR11 … 2019MAR17

For this 151st week, and after a little hiatus (too much work!), another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: artificial intelligence methods that protect privacy, Boeing 737 crashes in Ethiopia, mass shootings in New Zealand mosques kill 49, learning to code at low cost, Harry Potter books for readers with dyslexia, etc.

Missed Moments

Two people slowly cross paths on a corridor. They briefly glance and smile, exchange some sort of cordial “how do you do” words, the only words they have ever said to each other before.

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