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A fish with the tail on fire

In a darker aquarium, there’s a fish with a fiery tail,
I now wonder if I’m dreaming or awake…
I try to make some sense of it, but to no avail,
I can feel my eyelids, but I can’t escape.

Then, a whitey fish moves as the fiery one shines,
It puzzles me as I try to understand…
The meaning of what that space confines,
The possibility of finding dry land.

And suddenly, all I see (is)…
A fish with the tail on fire.

And even if the flame is in water, it never extinguishes,
Shining bright, lighting the surrounding darkness…
I feel blinded, like all the other aquarium fishes,
Now I am an idle prey, but I can’t guess.

And suddenly, all I feel (is)…
Like a fish with the tail on fire.

It felt like a sea storm, despite the confined space.
I felt about to transform, and being able to look you in the face.


When you come out of the storm, you realise…
You are not the same person you were when you got into it.

– in “A fish with the tail on fire“, both in a restaurant and while crossing the street, before and after Labour Day (scissors, paper, rock… scissors, paper, rock… on fire!).

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