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The week in news #196 – 2021MAY24 … 202MAY30

For this 196th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Belarus hijacks RyanAir plane, Germany acknowledges genocide in Namibia, Olympic Games will go on even in a state of emergency, a successful Barbie makeover, Megadeth part with David Ellefson, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly, LinkedIn Daily Rundown or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2021.May.24:
    • Western powers voice outrage as Belarus accused of hijacking plane [BBC]
    • Biden Says There Is ‘No Shift’ In U.S. Commitment To Israel’s Security [HuffPost]
    • ‘Absolutely Yes’: Olympic Games will go on even in State of Emergency, I.O.C. says [New York Times]
  • Tuesday, 2021.May.25:
    • Chinese scientists discussed weaponising Coronavirus 5 years before pandemic [Yahoo!]
    • Texas to allow unlicensed carrying of handguns [BBC]
    • ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ is leaving YouTube after $760,999 NFT sale [New York Times] [YouTube]
    • [Feb.24] How a Barbie makeover led to a pandemic sales boom [Bloomberg] [Mattel]
    • ‘Follow Your Passion!’ is the worst career advice—here’s why [Forbes]
    • The Beginning of the End of the American Pandemic [The New Yorker]
    • Industrial scale and brittleness [Seth’s Blog]
Megadeth, 2019

Megadeth, 2019

  • Wednesday, 2021.May.26:
    • Sonae abre hoje primeira loja sem caixas de pagamento em Portugal [Jornal de Negócios]
    • United Airlines is giving away a year of free flights. There’s only 1 catch [Inc.]
    • Ethiopia’s blockchain deal is a watershed moment [Quartz]
    • Mark Cuban invests in Polygon, says he’s optimistic on cryptocurrencies [Entrepreneur]
    • ‘On the Ashes of Tragedy’: mixed emotions on anniversary of George Floyd’s death [New York Times]
    • How ‘At-Home Neurofeedback’ can help you succeed and overcome burnout [Inc.]
    • Wolfgang Van Halen used his father’s original Frankenstein on his album [Guitar World]
    • Megadeth officially part ways with David Ellefson [Guitar World]
  • Thursday, 2021.May.27:
    • Using a DNA-led framework to reunite separated migrant families [EurekAlert!]
    • Biden Administration defends Alaska oil drilling project [New York Times]
    • Amazon is buying MGM for over $8bn [Wired]
    • This gorgeous Earth image shot from the space station shows only water [Digital Trends]
    • The race to net-zero is on. This is how we can cross the finish line [World Economic Forum]
    • Nature can save Humanity from Climate Change – but not on its own [Wired]
Slaves in Namibia during the German occupation (1884 to 1915), Getty #545722415

Slaves in Namibia during the German occupation (1884 to 1915), Getty #545722415

  • Friday, 2021.May.28:
    • Germany officially recognises colonial-era Namibia genocide [BBC]
    • American democracy isn’t dead yet, but it’s getting there [The New Yorker]
    • Adriano Moreira e ex-Chefes da Armada alertam contra a “deriva” marítima da GNR [Diário de Notícias]
    • Deepfake maps could really mess with your sense of the world [Wired]
    • Russia, racing to beat Tom Cruise and NASA to first movie shot in space, picks its cast [NBC]
    • The guitar industry’s hidden environmental problem [The Conversation]
    • Does your office have a digital mansplaining problem? [Fast Co.]
    • Your grandma’s tube TV is the hottest gaming tech [Wired]
  • Saturday, 2021.May.29:
    • UEFA Champions League (final): Manchester City 0-1 Chelsea [UEFA] [The Guardian]
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