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I’ve walked for so long, so long I don’t know.
I’ve left the (car and the) world behind, so far behind my shadow.

(But) I walked this much to listen to the river’s murmur,
I’ve walked with no hesitation, I fled…
I walked to freeze my own thoughts and felt warmer,
Listening to the music in my head…

And while the suns finally seems to grace my path,
It also battles the mist of the freezing river,
Frozen inside my gloves, my scarf, my hood, my clothes,
Frozen tears from the journey never made me shiver…

(Coraticum… coraticum!)
It takes courage to defy the probable outcome.
It takes wisdom to define the moment for that to come.

As light softens, a shadow reveals…
What one often shows, the other conceals…
They’re either gentle, or sincere… (and I can’t deny)
My preference, I can’t decide.

Nevertheless, I suspect…

Without them, I will not live.

– in “Coraticum“, the latin word for “courage”.


I found a definition of “courage” today, in Portuguese.
Its origin/etymology is perfect.


Coraticum, definition

Coraticum, definition

These lyrics began to be writen after I read some original words by Ana Bacalhau:
A luz amacia, a sombra revela. Uma é gentil, a outra, sincera. Qual delas prefiro, não sei. Mas desconfio que sem elas não viverei.

They grew after talking with Rui Costa on the phone in late December, and also a post of his in early January:
Andei tanto, a viatura está longe, mas andei, andei, andei sem hesitar para escutar o “barulho” disto, para congelar os meus pensamentos e a música que escuto constantemente na cabeça, o problema é que apesar das luvas, gorro, cachecol… também eu estou congelado, apesar da longa caminhada, as minhas lágrimas também congelaram pelo caminho, mas o sol está finalmente a entrar nesta zona e está a entrar numa batalha com o “fumo” destas águas geladas!

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