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The week in news #180 – 2020JUL13 … 2020JUL19

For this 180th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Kelly Preston dies from breast cancer at 57, 6-year-old boy saves younger sister from dog attack, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly, LinkedIn Daily Rundown or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2020.Jul.13:
    • Kelly Preston, actress and John Travolta’s wife, dies aged 57 from breast cancer [BBC] [CNN]
    • Trump says he “disagreed with privately funded border wall, then award the builder $1.7bn in contracts” [ProPublica]
    • How two-factor authentication keeps your accounts safe [Wired]
  • Tuesday, 2020.Jul.14:
    • Centeno quer fortalecer relação do Banco de Portugal com o Governo [Jornal de Negócios]
    • Baby was infected with Coronavirus in womb, study reports [New York Times]
    • Se ser actor é difícil em Portugal, ser actor negro…” [Público]
Ford Interceptor

Ford Interceptor

  • Wednesday, 2020.Jul.15:
    • Ford employees want the company to stop making police cars [C-net Roadshow] [The Verge]
    • Johnnie Walker to package whisky in paper bottles to save environment [Design Taxi]
    • Trump Administration strips C.D.C. of control of Coronavirus data [New York Times]
    • Fertility rate: ‘Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born [BBC]
    • Climate change: Siberian heatwave ‘clear evidence’ of warming [BBC]
    • How to see five planets and the moon without a telescope on Sunday [C-net]
    • O cometa Neowise está a atravessar o céu de Julho [Público]
  • Thursday, 2020.Jul.16:
    • The world’s botched Covid-19 green recovery, in charts [Quartz]
    • 5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is the Future of Work [Entrepreneur]
    • Gen-X more creative than Gen-Y, according to Harvard [Inc.]
    • Saco Azul do GES financiou campanha de Cavaco e pagou a Frasquilho [Jornal de Negócios]
    • Sudão abandona leis islâmicas que oprimiam as mulheres [Público]
    • 6-year-old boy praised on social media for saving little sister from dog attack [CNN]
    • Tatsuo Horiuchi: amazing paintings made with Excel [Fubiz]
John Lewis, 1962 Nashville mugshots

John Lewis, 1962 Nashville mugshots

  • Friday, 2020.Jul.17:
    • John Lewis, lion of the civil rights movement, dies at 80 [NBC News]
    • [2016.Dec.01] John Lewis’ arrest records are finally uncovered [Smithsonian Mag]
  • Sunday, 2020.Jul.19:
    • John Lewis’s Legacy and America’s Redemption [The New Yorker]
    • John Lewis on love, forgiveness, and the seedbed of personal strength [Brain Pickings]
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