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You Don’t Know It’s A Dream

Dreams are dissociated with reality but, sometimes, they touch reality with the tiniest details that cause you enough doubt to think “didn’t that really happen?” or feel “this was sooooo real!” just after you wake up.

You don’t know it’s a dream, as I enter the room.
It’s not just as it seems, I think, I presume.
As I take my seat,
I don’t know it either,
We both feel the heat,
A desire that won’t wither.

Someone’s there, and I look away.
You get distracted, distressed, astray.
As I return to the room I’ve left,
You’re nowhere to be found.
My mind, in absolute unrest,
Finds you, somehow.

With a fainting strength I can’t command (absence of control),
Your hands, trembling… your face, unseamed.
As I stretch my arm and give you my hand (and my all),
You don’t know it’s a dream.

– in “You Don’t Know It’s a Dream“, intensely writings in the still of the night

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