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Together Alone

These days, we need to cultivate distance. Physical distance to the ones we love, the ones we care about, the ones who makes us happy, the ones who makes us laugh.
The world is a strange place to be in now.

I could see you everyday, but now’s not the time to.
I won’t push you away, but it feels like so.
But you can’t cope with distance… like an obsession.
Now that we drift apart… you seem to question.

You don’t think of the future, everything is now.
But this separation will pay off in the long run.
Yet you don’t seem to care… in your own reason,
It’s just another day under the sun.

This world is a strange place to be in today.
Our words can’t express what our eyes say.
Your smile in my mind is the inspiration I look for,
It’s more than nothing… so much more.

No matter the distance, together or alone,
In you, the strength my souls feeds on,
As time slowly passes, we begin to grasp…
The herculean mission we will take upon.

– in “Together Alone“, a friends challenge, after a video call.

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