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The week in news #175 – 2019AUG26 … 2019SEP01

For this 175th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: aftermath of the Amazon forest fires, Jupiter’s moons names, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly, LinkedIn Daily Rundown or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2019.Aug.26:
    • Finland urges EU to consider banning Brazilian beef over Amazon fires [Reuters]
    • Amazon fires: G7 leaders close to agreeing plan to help [BBC]
    • Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental fund pledges $5 million in aid amid Amazon fires [CNN]
    • New political transition, bolstered by peacebuilding, could bring long-term stability to Darfur [UN News Centre]
    • Trump administration is creating a health nightmare near the Mexican border [New York Times]
    • David Remnick’s Daily Comment: Trump Clarification Syndrome [The New Yorker]
    • Jupiter’s five new moons get names, suggested by Twitter users [C-net]
    • A photographer is shooting a 30-year time-lapse of NYC [Digital Trends]
    • Stunning aerial photos from around the world [Fubiz]
    • Amazon merchants: Thousands of banned, unsafe or mislabeled products [Wall Street Journal]
    • John 5: “I play so much guitar that it might not even be healthy – and I’m not joking!” [Guitar World]
    • One of the NFL’s Best quarterbacks, Andrew Luck, retired at the age of 29 [Inc.]
  • Tuesday, 2019.Aug.27:
    • US and France reach a compromise on France’s tax on tech giants [TechCrunch] [The Verge, July 11th]
    • G7 highlights on final day of meetings: Iran, climate change and China trade [New York Times]
    • Brazil to reject G7’s offer of $22 million for the Amazon fires [BBC]
    • Traçado mapa das “auto-estradas” do ódio nas redes sociais [Público]
    • Caixa Brasil exposta a empresas da Lava Jato [Jornal de Negócios]
    • Troca e remuneração de criptomoeda isentas de IVA [Jornal de Negócios]
    • Indonesia picks site for its new capital, to be built from 2020 to 2024 [Washington Post]
    • Australia proposes to block social media in the event of a terrorist attack [Silicon Angle]
    • Mobile phone users in Austria can now pay their bills in cryptocurrency [Etherium World News]
    • The U.S. Air Force’s secretive space plane just set a new record [Digital Trends]
    • Coca-Cola’s bottles get recycled by insects in its new delightful ad [Design Taxi]
    • How to live the ‘Keanu Reeves Way of Life’ [Pulse]
Burnt area of an Amazon fortest fire (2019.Aug)

Burnt area of an Amazon fortest fire (2019.Aug)

  • Wednesday, 2019.Aug.28:
    • Why Central Banks Need to Step Up on Global Warming [Foreign Policy]
    • Another look at impeachment, at the end of a long summer [The New Yorker]
    • Whole Foods CEO says plant-based ‘meat’ is unhealthy [C-net]
    • Advice to a daughter from political philosopher and feminism founding Mary Wollstonecraft [Brain Pickings]
    • Archeologists discover remains of 250 sacrificed children in Peru from the 13th to 15th Century [CNN]
  • Thursday, 2019.Aug.29:
    • Lava Jato vazou informações das investigações para a imprensa [The Intercept]
    • Jack Ma and Elon Musk are pretty worried about a looming population collapse [Quartz]
    • Hugh Grant blasted Boris Johnson but spared the Queen [CNN] [Fox News]
    • NASA has officially attached a helicopter to the Mars 2020 rover [C-net]
    • Wi-Fi 6 will be here soon. What is it? [Wired]
    • Seth Godin: Politics vs Governance [Seth’s Blog]
    • How indigenous death rituals illuminate the web of life [Brain Pickings]
    • Soundgarden refuses to drop 2008 fire lawsuit against Universal [Spin] [New York Times, June 25th]
    • Bon Jovi announce title of next album to be ‘Bon Jovi: 2020’ [Ultimate Classic Rock]
Adel Taarabt was the Mom on the Sp. Braga vs Benfica match (2019.Sep.01)

Adel Taarabt was the Mom on the Sp. Braga vs Benfica match (2019.Sep.01)

  • Saturday, 2019.Aug.31:
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