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My ‘Dear Joe’ letter

We are not acting as if we are facing our own species extinction.
The process has happened before, but never caused by one single species. Us, the homo sapiens, are on the brink of achieving that milestone, that landmark.


I am writing something about this, how greed caused all the social imbalance that cause so many tensions in the world.
The tentative title is related to Josef Stalin and his share of responsibility regarding Russian forced labour camps (I’m presently reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn‘s ‘The Gulag Archipelago‘), but I will change this title as I plan to cover a few other situations/episodes in history.


Our stance and vision of it seems to be the one depicted in this brilliant 2015 cartoon on The New Yorker:

Here we are, after the ‘big five mass extinctions‘, some time between two ice ages.


My ‘Dear Joe’ letter reads ‘everything is well in the Gulag’,
I’m sending it to Josef, but I think he won’t read it.
He is not your average Joe (…)

We shouldn’t be using “Save Earth!” signs, but “Save ourselves!” ones.
She will carry on… we might not.

in “My ‘Dear Joe’ letter“, a work in progress with a title to be changed.

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