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The Best Thing Than Never Happened

In a constant daydream, I have you within reach,
You tell me you can’t stay, but you remain closeby…
Now silence reigns,
As words remain…
The illustration of my absent pain.

With no sense of frailty, (yet) in an underlying outreach,
One might think of arrogance, but not you and I…
Something has begun,
(When) both feel undone.
Strange attraction, this one.

Without boundaries…

And as gravity pulls, the earth may shake underneath,
Holding ground, standing tall, (as) mountains rise under our feet.
Focused, like answering a God’s prayer,
Then one becomes aware (of)
The inner (state of) warfare.

Without boundaries, a synapse frenzy conceals
An inner quest for balance and peace, (while)
The sour taste of the awakening reveals
(You are) the best thing that never happened to me.”

– in “The best thing than never happened“, just now or a week ago

Daydream couple, (c) My Modern Art

Daydream couple, (c) My Modern Art


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