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My Digital Romance

People are living a partially digital life. More often than not, with no correspondence to their real life.
Digital ‘alter-egos’ aplenty.

I like it when you like it…
I always think it’s something more.
Hidden meanings when you write,
Just don’t reveal yourself too much.

Not now, everyone’s watching…
I love it when you measure your words.
Hidden feelings as you type,
Just don’t tell me there is no hope.

Had I seen you smile or wave,
That alone would have made my day…

Back to the blacklit device, I wonder…
On which matters your mind ponder.
Why don’t we cross this virtual frontier?
And, for once, make this while worth.


One will never know… is digital enough?
How will it feel for real, when we touch?

– in “My Digital Romance“, while looking at social media platforms

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