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If It’s Time…

Everyone is entitled to their own space, their own time.
Even if we are “social animals”, we also need our time and space alone, with our own selves.
Everyone needs it. Everyone.

Furthermore, in today’s world, one of the main causes for stress is the excess of personal pressure, having too many people demanding too many things of others.
It is easy to be caught in a whirlpool of personal demand, work related, family related, personal related.
Some of it becomes self-imposed… but often because it is constant (rather than necessary).

People should be allowed to live in their own rhythm, often left to their own devices to operate.
Presence should be offered, not imposed.

When you value someone else’s presence in your life, you must also accept their absence.
Or, as someone once said: “Friends are those who listen to your words, and understand your silence.

On my way to work, I was thinking about this:
What should I do if someone I know looks for seclusion, or distance?
‘Let time flow’ seemed to natural answer…

My next thoughts were:

If it’s time, I’ll wait.
If it’s another thing, I’ll understand.

Sometimes, silence has a way of saying what you need to say.

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