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While In Your Sleep

We don’t know people.
We don’t know them in an intimate way.
That ‘alignment of the stars’ is reserved for real friends, for true lovers, for select people who decide they can have that immense and intense bond with someone else… in that event, not only secrets are shared, but more: the essence of the self is revealed, not in all (some things always stay within the self), but in a measure which becomes great enough for one to know and understand the other.
More often than not, without boundaries.
Always, but always, without judgements.

In that regard, a sense of abandon also occurs.
A sense of belonging and having, without possession or any kind of ownership.
One no longer needs to justify to the other… the actions taken – as unique as they may be – always justify themselves or have no explanation, they always are and feel natural for one and the other.
For the bond is there.

Then, we know people.
Then, in an intimate way.

You are probably reading a book, but your mind is elsewhere.
Your spirit dwells and you go along with it…
You hope someone else feels it, as somewhat of a calling is therein.
An invisible chain holds you back…
Yet you (still) feel it.

I wasn’t expecting this, you had been silent for days.
I could not make much of your previous words…
I just hoped my mind didn’t play tricks, didn’t try to frame or decode you.
Words I’ll say that I can’t take back…
For they are (undeniably) true.

Am I neglecting what I have? Are you too?
Or are we both is search of something new?

While in your sleep, unaware, you may even dream of me,
(I’m) wide awake, well after midnight… tough Monday, it’ll be.

– in “While in Your Sleep

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