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You reason, and I…

Women reason. They ponder.
Men… err, not as much.

Well, in terms of relationships, passions, at least.

You reason… (and) I wonder the math you do.
You confess… you ponder everything, you know each line you drew.

You can’t refrain from this overthinking,
And it doesn’t keep you from reasoning.

You travel… (and) I’m left here grounded watching you (go).
You look back… your tender face traces reveal, the hell that you’ve lived through.

You feel the urge to turn back and stay,
But it doesn’t keep you from going away.

Through the mist, I feel the cold,
I wish for fire, for an ashen sky,
You know what is to become,
You reason, and I…

– in “You Reason, And I…“, written in the autumns of 2018 and 2020.

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