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Pink Makeup and Lingerie

When a friend experiences woman-related pain and trauma, men reveal themselves as the caring, considerate, mindful human beings that they are (and that, more often than not, they hide from the society who labels them as “that”).

One phone call is enough for the guys to understand something is wrong.
The initial response is, obviously, a “never mind her, we’re here!” joke… but then, one by one, they understand that the feeling is deeper, the pain is real.

Each one is invited to learn, to understand, to act.

Learning is good.
Finding a good teacher is great.

Before a night of euphory,
Each one knows what can
And what cannot be.

Going beyond the boundary,
One look, one touch
Will let feelings run free.

Days turn into weeks, months, a year.
Life gains perspective
As it unfolds, slowly and clear.

What if one calls it quits?
What if one never commits?

Before the night, one couldn’t foresee
Which intricacies lied beneath
Pink makeup and lingerie.

– in “Pink Makeup and Lingerie“, a surreal thought.

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