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The week in news #131 – 2018OCT22 … 2018OCT28

For this 131st week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: driverless cabs in London by 2021, world longest sea-crossing bridge to open in China, Uber Eats is planning drone deliveries for 2021, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly, LinkedIn Daily Rundown or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2018.Oct.22:
    • World’s longest sea-crossing bridge opens between Hong Kong and China [CNN]
    • Addison Lee plans to put self-driving cabs on London’s streets by 2021 [Telegraph]
    • The prophets of cryptocurrency survey the boom and bust [The New Yorker]
    • Facebook lost over 1 million users during the summer [Telegraph]
    • Facebook looking to buy a major cybersecurity firm [SiliconAngle]
    • Uber Eats aiming at drone delivery for 2021 [Wall Street Journal]
    • Richard Branson steps down as chairman of Virgin Hyperloop [CNBC]
    • Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Physical’ Phenomenon Revisited [Pop Matters]
    • 15 unique baseball photos [National Geographic]
  • Tuesday, 2018.Oct.23:
    • World’s longest sea crossing: Hong Kong – Zhuhai opens [BBC] [Quartz]
    • Anatomy does not determine gender, experts say [New York Times]
    • [2018.Aug.23] Bayer’s Monsanto facing 8000 lawsuits on glyphosphate [Reuters]
    • The myth of whiteness in classical sculpture [The New Yorker]
    • Collaborating is evidence of being human [ARTnews]
    • Twitter suspends more accounts linked to Alex Jones, Info Wars [C-net]
    • Samsung hints at foldable screen to be presented in November [Design Taxi] [The Verge]
    • After medidating on his behaviour, Linus Torvalds returns to Linux [Silicon Angle]
    • Turkish Airlines jet flies 800 miles off its route, arrives on time [Wired]
    • Seth Godin: “lottery math is human math” [Seth’s blog]
    • Mark Knopfler announces American and European tours [Guitar World]

  • Wednesday, 2018.Oct.24:
    • Jamal Khashoggi: Erdoğan rejects Saudi account of killing [The Guardian]
    • Canada’s government strategy for returning ISIS members passes 280-1 law [Global News]
    • Titanic II to set sail in 2022, making the original voyage [CNN] [C-net]
    • Shipwreck found in the Black Sea is the oldest intact [BBC]
    • Coca-Cola buys Costa Coffee for £3.9 billion [The Guardian]
  • Thursday, 2018.Oct.25:
    • Sahle-Work Zewde becomes Ethiopia’s first female president [BBC] [Quartz]
    • European Union Parliament ban single-use plastic [BBC]
    • Donald Trump’s phone might be the greatest US security breach [Fast Co.]
    • Apple and Samsung fined in Italy for ‘slow’ mobile phones [BBC]
    • Google Doodle honours Tyrus Wong, long unrecongnised Bambi illustrator [C-net]
    • How to get over your fear of speaking up [Fast Co.]
    • Breathtaking photos of Namibia [Fubiz]
    • The award-winning photos show capture incredible details of the moon [Quartz]
    • Champions League: golo de Bernardo Silva nomeado para melhor da semana [Mais Futebol]
    • Pep Guardiola: the six songs that define my life, love, football, and family [BBC]
    • Zach LaVine’s fourth 30+ points game gives the Bulls their first win [NBA]
On the Bulls-Hornets match, Zach LaVine scored 32 point for the Bulls' first win (2018.Oct.24), © Getty Images

On the Bulls-Hornets match, Zach LaVine scored 32 point for the Bulls’ first win (2018.Oct.24), © Getty Images

  • Friday, 2018.Oct.26:
    • Shell starts rollout of superfast electrinc car chargers in Europe [The Guardian]
    • How to make sense of this week’s mail bombings [FiveThirtyEight]
    • David Dinis: “Aos meus amigos do Observador (e à Assunção Cristas)” [Eco]
    • Super typhoon Yutu crossing the Pacific as Category 4 [The Weather Channel]
    • New species of ‘first bird’ Archaeopteryx uncovered [EurekAlert!]
    • Nokia to cut thousands of jobs amid shift to 5G [Wall Street Journal]
    • UK fines £500000 for failing to protect user data [The Guardian]
    • Despite fall in active users, Twitter improves profit [Silicon Angle]
    • Christies sells painting created by Artificial Intelligence for $432000 [USA Today]
    • Red Dead Redemption 2 is receiving stellar reviews [C-net] [Engadget]
    • A tender allegory of self-discovery and capacity of joy [Brain Pickings]
    • Sinead O’Connor converts to Islam and is now called Shuhada’ Davitt [CNN]
    • Bruce Dickinson describes Hall of Fame as ‘complete bollocks’ [Ultimate Classic Rock]
  • Sunday, 2018.Mmm.Dd:
    • Jair Bolsonaro is elected President in Brazil [BBC] [DN] [Veja]
    • A proof about where symmetries can’t exist [Quanta Magazine]
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