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The week in news #128 – 2018OCT01 … 2018SEP07

For this 128th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Physics Nobel Prize annouced, California enforces ‘net neutrality’, minor earthquake in Sines (Portugal), tsunami in Indonesia, Solid web applications, Montserrat Caballé dies, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2018.Oct.01:
    • Climate scientists consider ‘life changing’ report [BBC]
    • Solid – web applications format/framework [Solid @ MIT]
    • California governor signs toughest ‘net neutrality’ law [Fast Co.] [The Verge]
    • Science says ‘toxic masculinity’ (more than alcohol) leads to sexual abuse [FivethirtyEight]
    • Indonesia tsunami: at least 408 dead [BBC]
    • Will Indonesia be ready for the next tsunami? [National Geographic]
    • Sismo de 3.9 graus Richter sentido perto de Sines [Público]
    • Infographic: coffee consumption in the US [Entrepreneur]
    • Tom Petty believed he was playing his last tour [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • The woman who accuses Ronaldo of rape [Der Spiegel]
  • Tuesday, 2018.Oct.2:
    • Donald Trump and the self-made sham [New York Times | 2]
    • Medicine Nobel Prize awarded to researchers of Cancer Immunotherapy [New York Times]
    • Art or science: the development of neurons, on video [Digital Trends]
    • Artist’s nude portrait using AI wins photography award [Design Taxi]
    • Facebook data breach: 4 steps to be safer now [Fast Co.]
    • A wise man leaves Facebook [NYT Opinions @ Medium]
    • It was like a marriage, only better!” – three single mothers move in together [The Guardian]
The 2018 Physics Nobel Prize laureates: Arthur Ashkin (USA), Gérard Mourou (France), Donna Strickland (Canada)

The 2018 Physics Nobel Prize laureates: Arthur Ashkin (USA), Gérard Mourou (France), Donna Strickland (Canada)

  • Wednesday, 2018.Oct.03:
    • International court of justice orders US to lift sanctions on Iran [The Guardian]
    • Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State) pulls out of Amity Treaty with Iran, after UN ruling [Fox News]
    • Cervical cancer: Australia ‘to be first to eliminate’ the disease [BBC]
    • Physics Nobel Prize winners include a female for the first time in 55 years [The Guardian] [Vox]
    • Chemistry Nobel Prize awarded to researchers of ‘molecules design’ [New York Times]
    • First ‘exomoon’ found? Saturn-sized planet orbiting alien planet []
    • How India shuts down the Internet in Kashmir [Quartz]
    • Hidden glitches in ordinary scenes [Fubiz]
  • Thursday, 2018.Oct.04:
    • Aspartame’s impact on health []
    • This is the cost of women’s workplace emotional labor [Fast Co.]
    • Nike Made $6 Billion From That Colin Kaepernick Ad. Here’s What All Brands Can Learn [Entrepreneur]
    • Google chronicles the people and places behind Indian Railways’ 165-year journey [Quartz]
    • Police charges man with murder with the help of Fitbit data [New York Times]
    • MIT and Qatari scientists are training computers to detect fake news sites [Fast Co.]
    • How Two Millennials Spun Celebrities’ Instagram Comments Into a Full-Time Job [Vanity Fair] [Entrepreneur]
    • Alienware Goes Thin With New m15 Laptop [Tom’s Hardware]
Illustration - How Powerful Nuclear WeaponsHaveBecome

Illustration – How Powerful Nuclear WeaponsHaveBecome

  • Friday, 2018.Oct.05:
    • How nuclear weapons have evolved since the 1940’s [Wired] [YouTube]
  • Friday, 2018.Oct.06:
    • Banksy’s ‘Girl With Balloon’ self-destructs after being auctioned [The Guardian]
    • Montserrat Caballé dies at 85 [NBC News] [El País]
  • Sunday, 2018.Oct.07:
    • Climate report shows crisis as soon as 2040 [New York Times]
    • I Liga: Benfica 1-0 Porto [A Bola]
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