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The week in news #126 – 2018SEP17 … 2018SEP23

For this 126th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Yusaki Maezawa will be the first paying space tourist, U2 in Portugal, Slash’s new video a Firebird guitar, “Uber law” protests in Portugal, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2018.Sep.17:
    • What happens if we use all the plastic in the world? [Sustainable Brands]
    • Carlsberg glues cans together, abandon plastic rings [The Telegraph]
    • A replica of the Moon is touring the Earth [Fubiz]
    • Slow-moving storms like Hurricane Florence are becoming the norm [FiveThirtyEight | 2]
    • O impacto da nova lei do Arrendamento Local [João Simões Dias @ Pulse]
  • Tuesday, 2018.Sep.18:
    • Syria accondentally shoots down Russian militar plane [CNN]
    • Celia Barquin, golf champion, murdered in Iowa [BBC]
    • Yusaku Maezawa is the first SpaceX moon traveller [The Verge] [BBC] [Público] [#DearMoon]
    • Anrea Agnelli: “We have to find the next Cristiano Ronaldo, but at 25!” [Mais Futebol]
    • Slash’s new video for ‘My Antidote‘ [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • Cinco momentos marcantes do concerto dos U2 em Lisboa [Blitz]
U2 live in concert, 2018

U2 live in concert, 2018

  • Wednesday, 2018.Sep.19:
    • Mais de 1000 táxis em protesto contra “Lei Uber” [Observador]
    • US loses track of another 1500 migrant children [New York Times]
    • Scientists discover “White Shark Cafe” in the middle of the Pacific [Quartz]
    • LinkedIn Daily Rundown – Europe [Pulse]
    • North Korea agrees to shut down missile site [BBC]
    • Bert and Ernie, gay or not? Either way, you’re right [C-net]
    • Jimi Hendrix playing “Foxy Lady” in 1968 [Guitar World]
    • Epiphone debuts new Slash’s signature Firebird [Guitar World]
    • A throwback champion for the modern Champions League [New York Times]
  • Thursday, 2018.Sep.20:
    • Data Science Portuguese Association [DSPA] [DSPA @ LinkedIn]
    • Copenhagen Catalog [Copenhagen Catalog]
    • The Age of Perplexity – Rethinking the World We Knew [BBVA OpenMind | 2]
    • Apple releases bigger iPhone models at higher prices [New York Times]
    • Stop wasting Money on team building [Harvard Business Review]
    • The world’s largest ocean cleanup has begun [Forbes]
    • Ferrari Monza cars mix its most powerful engine with 50’s cool [Wired]
    • Wrold records of Marathon and Decathlon “fall” on the same day [BBC]
The largest ocean cleanup has started, 2018.Sep

The largest ocean cleanup has started, 2018.Sep

  • Friday, 2018.Sep.21:
    • Is overturism turning Lisbon into the next Venice? [The Telegraph]
    • Exoplanet ‘a la Star Trek’ found 16 light-years away from Earth [CNN]
    • Porsche’s sleek chargers will power EV in 15 minutes [Wired]
    • Magic Lantern – alternative menus for your camera [Magic Lantern]
    • A 200-year-old colour catalogue redesigned for the Internet age [Fast.Co]
    • Gorgeous Milky Way photography by Grey Chow [Fubiz]
  • Sunday, 2018.Mmm.Dd:
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