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The week in news #123 & #124 – 2018AUG27 … 2018SEP09

For these 123th and 124th weeks, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Brazil’s National Museum destroyed by fire; Reuters journalists jailed in Myanmar, Bono Vox completely loses voice in Berlin concert, New York Times anonymous editorial on Trump, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2018.Aug.27:
    • The heartbreak at chain restaurants [New York Times]
    • 43 million posts from 20000 top brands analysed [Buffer]
    • Progressive Cloud: a new approach to migration [McKinsey]
    • Naomi Osaka breakthrough’s game [New York Times]
  • Sunday, 2018.Sep.01:
    • Paint it black: 15 ways to ‘dark mode’ your PC [Tom’s Hardware]
    • Brisa vai ter robots a detectar acidentes nas autoestradas [Expresso]
    • New AC/DC album built off Malcolm Young’s recordings [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • Earth has more trees than 35 years ago, but there’s a huge catch [World Economic Forum]
    • Childhood: 5 proven benefits of play [NPR]
Bono Vox completely loses his voice during U2's concert in Berlin, 2018.Sep.02

Bono Vox completely loses his voice during U2’s concert in Berlin, 2018.Sep.02

  • Sunday, 2018.Sep.02:
    • To heal wounds, cells go back to a ‘fetal state’ [Wired]
    • 5 causes of burnout in the workplace [Fast Company]
    • Seth Godin: “A good day for the backlist” [Seth’s blog]
    • Baidu created a ‘no code’ platform to make AI models better [SiliconAngle] [Baidu]
    • Dave Grohl invites Krist Novoselic onstage for “Molly’s Lips” rendition [Spin]
    • Bono Vox completely loses his voice, abandons stage in Germany [Ultimate Classic Rock]
  • Monday, 2018.Sep.03:
    • Brazil’s 200-year-old national museum destroyed by fire [New York Times] [CNN] [Reuters] [Público]
    • Reuters journalists sentenced to 7 years in jail in Myanmar [BBC] [CNN]
    • The US-China cold war is now playing in Pakistan [Quartz]
    • How AI music is changing the way we make hits [The Verge]
  • Tuesday, 2018.Sep.04:
    • Scientists created a precise clock that won’t lose time for the next 40 million years [C-net]
    • Sismo de 4,6 na Escala de Richter sentido no Norte e Centro de Portugal [Observador]
    • Jalaluddin Haqqani, founder of the Afghan militant network, dies [BBC]
    • Seth Godin: “The new Labor Day” [Seth’s blog]
    • The Brazil Museum fire: what was lost [New York Times]
    • 20 anos depois, 8 inovações da Google que mudaram o mundo [Observador]
    • Colin Kaepernick is the face of a new Nike campaign [New York Times] [CNN] [Quartz]
Enigmatic, brutalist sculptures in the Balkans

Enigmatic, brutalist sculptures in the Balkans

  • Wednesday, 2018.Sep.05:
    • Puseram electrões a surfar uma onda de plasma [Público]
    • Typhoon Jebi, strongest in 25 years, hits Japan killing at least 6 [BBC | 2]
    • Khan al-Ahmar: Israel court approves village demolition on the West Bank [BBC]
    • Dave Grohl drums on Tenacious-D new album [Ultimate Classic Rock] [Guitar World]
    • Joni Mitchell announces tribute concert to celebrate her 75th birthdate [Spin]
    • Fleetwood Mac debuts new lineup during Ellen DeGeneres’ show [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • Steve Perry is back with solo record, 20 years after his last release [New York Times]
    • Enigmatic and brutalist sculptures in the Balkans [Fubiz]
    • Benfica predominante na imprensa desportiva europeia [Mais Futebol]
    • US Open 2018: Nadal beats Thiem in epic quarterfinal [BBC]
  • Thursday, 2018.Sep.06:
    • Myanmar journalists jailed and Suu Kyi’s silence [BBC]
    • 2 Russian agents carried out Skripal poisoning, UK says [NPR] [BBC]
    • Japan hit by deadly earthquake and mudslides [BBC]
    • India decriminalises gay sex [BBC] [CNN]
    • Divulgado vídeo inédito do 11 de Setembro [DN]
    • I am part of the resistance inside the Trump Administration [New York Times]
    • Dear anonymous Trump oficial, there is no redemption in your cowardly op-ed!” [The Intercept]
    • The anonymous op-ed by the NY Times on Donald Trump is unprecedented [Quartz] [DN]
    • Roy Moore sues Sasha Baron Cohen in $95 million over “This Is America” [Hollywood Reporter]
    • Richard Branson’s top quotes on breaking barriers [Virgin]
    • Startups flock to turn young blood into elixir of youth [Wired]
    • Paul McCartney will play a YouTube concert on September 7th [Engadget]
    • The photographer behind the Colin Kaepernick ad for Nike [Design Taxi]
    • Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick to air on opening night [New York Times]
    • Donald Trump Jr. edits Nike ad to feature his father [Design Taxi]
  • Friday, 2018.Sep.07:
    • Ancient farmers saved us from glaciers, but changed the world’s climate [Science Daily]
    • India’s ancient religions are actually very accepting of gay people [Quartz]
    • Trump on New York Times ‘op-ed’: “It could be called treason!” [CNN]
    • Book, op-ed, growing crisis for Trump presidency [The New Yorker]
    • There is no coup against Trump [The Atlantic]
    • “O mainstream não sabe nada” das alterações climáticas [Público]
    • How to restore Windows 10 to na earlier Restore Point [Tom’s Hardware]
    • Burt Reynolds, film icon, deat at 82 [C-net]
    • Burt Reynolds had a Hot 100 hit in the 80’s [Spin]
    • Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad has already become a full-on même [Fast.Co]
    • Keving Garnett sues accountant who alledgedly helped steal $77m in wages [Bleacher Report]
    • Naomi Osaka beats Madison Keys, becomes first Japanese at a Grand Slam final [BBC]
US Open 2018 - Serena Williams congratulates Naomi Osaka on her win, 2018.Sep.08

US Open 2018 – Serena Williams congratulates Naomi Osaka on her win, 2018.Sep.08

  • Saturday, 2018.Sep.08:
    • Naomi Osaka beats Serena Williams 6-2 6-4 to claim US Open [BBC] [CBS] [Time]
    • Serena’s camp should be ashamed of her outburst [] [BBC | 2]
    • Naomi Osaka explains her emotional apology []
  • Sunday, 2018.Sep.09:
    • Djokovic beats Del Potro 6-3 7-6 6-3 to claim third US Open [The Guardian] [CNN]
    • Frederico Varandas é o novo presidente do Sporting [Observador | 2] [Público]
    • SAD do Sporting apresenta prejuízo de 20 milhões em dia de eleições [Público] [ECO]
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