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Not Enough Room

There’s not enough time, for you and me, for now…
Not enough time, when this 9-to-5 drains one’s energy,
Not enough time, I really can’t see how…
Or is there? And we just can’t seize.

There’s not enough room to breathe‘, I can feel your voice
Not enough room, your inviting eyes keep telling me,
Not enough room, (but) it never feels too close
Or is there? And we just can’t see.

Is there enough space for both our wings to spread?
Not enough space in time, for a moment of bliss,
Not enough space, for our paths to cross…
Or is there? And we just can’t reach.

There’s not enough room in your room, for 2…
Not enough room for dreams to fly,
Not enough room, as I leave…
Or is there? And you just can’t see why.


– in “Not Enough Room“, a quotidian life story

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