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Wounds and Scars

I want to write and perform with other people.
In music, in life.

It is interesting that I tend to create a personal connection with musicians with whom I discuss quotidian life. The way we approach problems, the way we see life, the way we relate to others, there always seem to be a common ground.

Last weekend, I laid the idea for this one, a very simple (and catchy) melodic vocal phrase.
For me, it is very rare to start a song with a vocal phrase, but the whole day was inspiring, from the musical point of view… maybe that caused something to happen, as it is very rare for me to have a (musical) creative spark before everyone’s asleep.

So, I just pointed the cellphone camera at myself, and started singing and playing.

In due time, I felt the creative spark… and I want you to know,
(That) this life is no work of art… and I’m willing to show.
That I want to breathe life into you,
And I want to feel that same way too.

My life is just about to start… and I’m learning to dream,
You see these wounds and scars… and it’s not what it seems.
‘Cos I’ve been in love and war before,
And I’ve seen what I don’t want anymore.
I knew then as I know now,
That the dreams will happen somehow.

When I breathe life into you,
You breathe your life into me too.

– in “Wounds and Scars“, a collection of thoughts from the past few months

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