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The week in news #103 – 2018APR09 … 2018APR15

For this 103rd week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: conflicts between Israel and Palestine persist at Gaza Strip, using Blockchain to store DNA data, war in Syria, most distant isolated star detected, the cost of ‘lab meat’, Sambora rehearsing with Bon Jovi, cyclist dies at Paris-Roubaix, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2018.Apr.09:
    • Egyptian forces kill 4 terrorists in Sinai 2018 operation [Xinhua]
    • Syria: Israel is to blame for airfield bombing [BBC] [CNN]
    • Extraordinary pictures of the Israeli desert [Fubiz]
    • Silo demolition goes the wrong way [Mashable]
    • No ‘terror link’ in German van attack [The Journal]
    • College waitlists often waste would-be students’ time [NPR]
    • It’s time for stronger privacy laws [Wired]
    • Virgin SpaceShipTwo performs successful supersonic flight [Virgin] [CNN]
    • MACS J1149, most distant star is detected, at 9 billion light-years [NASA] [Reuters]
    • Popular apps are leaving the Apple watch: is that a bad sign? [Slate]
    • Mental models: how to train your brain to think in new ways [James Clear]
    • Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is using Blockchain to collect DNA samples [Quartz]
    • Ritchie Sambora reports ‘wonderful’ rehearsals with Bon Jovi [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • New brain maps with ‘unmatched detail’ will change neuroscience [Wired]
    • Bayern Munich wins 6th consecutive Bundesliga title [Yahoo]
    • Paris-Roubaix: Michael Goolaerts dies after crash [BBC Sport]
    • NBA: Bobby Portis reflects on his careen and season []
  • Tuesday, 2018.Apr.10:
    • ClearMotion, innovative new car suspension [Wired]
    • How to hire people smarter than you [Inc.]
    • A importância do sobrolho na nossa evolução [Público]
    • Falta de tripulações volta a deixar voos da TAP parados [DN]
    • 3 billionaires are racing to space. Who will win? [National Geographic]
    • The middle school relationship is dead (as we knew it) [Wired]
    • How the Coca-Cola bottle got its curvy design [Design Taxi]
    • Oregon becomes second state to enact net neutrality law [C-net]
    • 7 Myanmar soldiers sentenced to 10 years for Rohingya deaths [Reuters]
    • António Guterres congratulates Sierra Leoa for peaceful elections [United Nations]
    • Fleetwood Mac fire Lindsay Buckingham before tour [Spin] [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • Champions League: Roma elimina Barcelona, Liverpool elimina Man City [DN]
  • Wednesday, 2018.Apr.11:
    • Mark Zuckerberg apologizes at the Senate [CNN] [Expresso] [C-net]
    • Facebook fallout is a blow to Mercer’s political clout [New York Times]
    • USA considers militar actions against Syria in Douma [Reuters]
    • Algerian militar plane crash: 257 dead near Algiers [BBC]
    • Jet Airways withdraw bid on debt-ridden Air India [Arabian Business]
    • Can the Tatas save Air India [Quartz]
    • Do pânico às meias-finais com um penálti perfeito de CR7 [DN]
    • O abraço de Ronaldo a Buffon [Tribuna Expresso]
  • Thursday, 2017.Apr.12:
    • Chinese baby born 4 years after parents’ death [BBC]
    • The list of what Mark Zuckerberg will follow up on [Wired]
    • I downloaded the information Facebook has on me. Yikes. [New York Times]
    • Trump signs ‘FOSTA’ bill targetting online sex traficking [Washington Post]
    • New Zealand PM bans new offshore oil and gas explorations [NZ Herald]
    • Family of Tesla X driver who died is planning to sue [Electrek]
    • The high cost of lab-to-table meat [Wired]
    • Teachers get mini-baseball bats to confront shooters [New York Times]
    • Prison for 10 jihadists who were planning terror attacks in Barcelona [El País]
    • Veterinários querem integrar Proteção Civil e atuar em catástrofes [Expresso]
    • All the military arsenal that Trump can use on Syria [CNN]
    • How dual research facilitates deeper UX insights [FoolProof]
    • TED Talks: Do you really know what you want to do? [TED]
    • Today’s debate on online porn started decades ago [Wired]
    • Mulher saudita foi ao futebol pela primeira vez [Expresso]
    • Russell Westbrook finish a second straight ‘triple-double’ season [ESPN]
Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianluigi Buffon after the two Champions League matches, April 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianluigi Buffon after the two Champions League matches, April 2018

  • Friday, 2018.Apr.13:
    • Google x-ray project shows AI won’t replace doctors anytime soon [MIT Technology Review]
    • To protect Artificial Intelligence from attacks, show it fake data [MIT Technology Review]
    • Google AI can pick up voices in a crowd [Engadget]
    • Google loses ‘right to be forgotten’ case [BBC]
    • After the Facebook mess, 2 senators want to create legislation for online privacy [Silicon Angle]
    • How Android phones hide missed security updates from you [Wired]
    • Egypt open its Gaza border for 3 days ahead of new protests against Israel [The Times of Israel]
    • Portugal contrata 6 bancos para avançar com emissão de dívida sindicada [Jornal Económico]
    • India is finally moving to tap its wind power potential on its seas [Quartz]
    • Global liveability has improved for the first time in a decade [The Economist]
    • Depois de Ricciardi, mais 4 membros do Conselho Leonino pedem demissão [Observador]
  • Sunday, 2018.Apr.15:
    • The story of a teacher who couldn’t read or write [BBC]
    • I Liga: SL Benfica 0-1 FC Porto [Mais Futebol | 2]
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