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The week in news #97 – 2018FEB26 … 2018MAR04

For this 97th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: study on electricity VAT text in Portugal, Xi Jinping’s ideology, an island camp for the Rohyngya, Underwater Photo of the Year 2018, Pakistan’s blasphemy law, Samsung S9, Neymar’s foot injury, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2018.Feb.26:
    • A lower VAT rate on electricity in Portugal [GEE Papers (Portuguese Government)]
    • How are consumers feeling about their finances [McKinsey report]
    • Borowitz Report: Trump orders parade to celebrate hypothetical act of heroism [The New Yorker]
    • Colosseum in Rome turns red in protest of Pakistan’s new blasphemy law [Huffington Post]
    • Ryan Holmes: “We need to get religious about AI before it’s too late!” [BetaKit]
    • [2018.Jan.30] Pride may be a virtue, but it has to be the right kind of pride [TED Ideas]
    • Winners of the Underwater Photos of the Year 2018 contest [Fubiz] [UPY2018]
    • ‘Black Panther’ scores $111.7M in second outing [Hollywood Reporter]
    • Samsung S9 is here – everything you need to know [Digital Trends]
    • Neymar fractures metatarsal, likely to miss Real Madrid match [BBC]
  • Tuesday, 2018.Feb.27:
    • Xi Jinping: a new ideology for a new era [New York Times]
    • The island camp Bangladesh is building for the Rohingya [Quartz]
    • Warren Buffet shares details of health care venture with JP Morgan and Amazon [Inc.]
    • Students walk out for gun laws, teachers walk out for pay [NPR]
    • [2017.Nov.8] The inside story of venture capital’s messiest breakup [Wired]
    • China’s media is struggling to overcome its racial stereotypes of Africa [Quartz]
    • Who needs models? Drones “wear” D&G bags on Milan Fashion week [Inc.]
    • Classic cars parked in garages and ateliers [Fubiz]
    • New shark species discovered: the sixgill cow shark [National Geographic]
    • Disney celebrates ‘Black Panther’ by donating $1m to STEM clubs [Mashable] [SLO Tribune]
    • Diogo Piçarra: “Tenho de admitir as semelhanças. É óbvio!” [Observador]
    • Metallica confirms 2018 North America concert tour [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • Guardiola will wear his yellow ribbon despite FA warnings [BBC]
  • Wednesday, 2018.Feb.28:
    • Why dozens of mass shootings didn’t change Americans views on guns [FiveThirtyEight]
    • UN agrees on 30-day cease fire in Syria [United Nations]
    • Bill Gates discusses whether he’d run for President [C-net]
    • Senate democrats have a plan to save net neutrality [Wired]
    • Alunos sem aulas e vias afectadas após nevão em Vila Real [Observador] [DN]
    • Teacher in Ghana draws students a Windows screen on a black board [Quartz]
    • [2017.Jul] How artificial intelligence can bring value to companies [McKinsey report]
    • The “gap” between Aboriginals and other Australians [The Economist Explains]
    • 27 catholic problems that are hilariously relatable [Huffington Post]
    • Want to be more successful? Go to bed! [Entrepreneur]
    • Festival de documentários científicos volta a Lisboa [Público]
    • Led Zeppelin to issue two unreleased versions on Record Store Day [Ultimate Classic Rock] [Spin]
    • Canon finally goes 4K with mirrorless EOS M50 [Digital Trends]
  • Thursday, 2018.Mar.01:
    • The guide to Net Neutrality [Wired]
    • Scientists detect the first occurences of light in the universe [CNN] [National Geographic]
    • New mathmatical framework establish the risk of real networks colapse [Science Daily]
    • This forklift can move like Michael Jackson [Cheddar Inc. @ Facebook]
    • What to say to someone who is grieving [Huffington Post]
    • Morning links: the saucy 30000-year-old Willendorf Venus [ARTnews]
    • The 100 most overpaid CEOs of 2018 [AsYouKnow]
    • Australians turn in 57000 guns in amnesty [BBC]
    • Surrealistic photographs of Platon Yurich [Fubiz]
    • Moody’s sobe rating da Caixa. Paulo Macedo está a fazer as coisas certas [Eco]
    • Porsche’s electric sports car gets its own supercharger network [Wired]
    • Keith Richards promises new Rolling Stones album [Ultimate Classic Rock]
The universe timeline, (c) NASA

The universe timeline, (c) NASA

  • Friday, 2018.Mar.02:
    • [2018.Feb.07] GES: À noite, todos os gatos são pardos! [Expresso / SIC Notícias (video)]
    • Vandalised shooting range billboard in Las Vegas goes viral [CNN]
    • UN will continue to push on cease-fire in Syria [United Nations]
    • Dolly Parton gives the gift of literacy: a library of 100 million books [NPR]
    • How a teen scientist is augmenting the human body with artificial limbs [IndieGogo Blog]
    • 70000 year-old native american burial site found underwater [National Geographic]
    • Emerson on living with Presence and Autenticity [Brain Pickings]
    • Isaac Gborlee: “My hero is a bald referee!” [BBC]
    • George Corones, aged 99, breaks 50m swimming world record for his age [BBC]
    • Spanish football is trying to be more exciting by copying NFL and video games [Quartz]
  • Sunday, 2017.Mar.04:
    • Davide Astori, Fiorentina’s captain, dies at 31 [BBC]
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