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The week in news #94 – 2018FEB05 … 2018FEB11

For this 94th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: the Philadelphia Eagles win Superbowl LII, WhatsApp slow paced innovation, Dow Jones drops 4,6% in one day, Trump’s lawyers afraid of him lying, major earthquake in Taiwan, Portugal wins Euro Futsal 2018, Winter Olympics begin in South Korea, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2017.Feb.05:
    • Chrome extentions we can’t live without [Wired]
    • WhatsApp’s slow-paced innovation is leading it to dominance [Quartz]
    • Dow Jones drops 4,6% in one day, the biggest fall in history [NPR] [CNN]
    • Why is Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar nomination so important in Uganga and UK? [Quartz]
    • Netherlands Prime-Minister riding a bike to meet the king goes viral [TNS World]
    • Turkey detains 600 people for opposing Syrian offense [Reuters]
    • Why schools fail to teach slavery’s ‘hard history’ [NPR]
    • Philadelphia Eagles beat New England Patriots 41-33, win Superbowl LI [CNN] [New York Times]
    • Philadelphia Eagles just won Superbowl… save yourselves! [Quartz]
    • The Big Picture: Philadelphia Eagles win Superbowl LII [Boston Globe]
    • Justin Timberlake, playing it safe, wants to win Superbowl redemption [New York Times]
    • Here are the Eagles who won’t go to the White House because of Trump [Spin]
  • Tuesday, 2017.Feb.06:
    • Trump goes quiet as the stock market slumps [The New Yorker]
    • Context matters: the stock drop is less dramatic than it seems [New York Times]
    • Trump’s lawyers worried he could get caught lying to Mueller [New York Times] [CNN]
    • New Jersey enacts its own net neutrality regulations [C-net]
    • US regulators and thinking what to do with cryptocurrency [Engadget]
    • North Korea is a suspect of the largest cryptocurrency heist [Quartz]
    • Ingredient in McDonald’s french fries could cure baldness [Entrepreneur]
    • Coffee is good for everybody except one group of people, pregrant women [Inc.]
    • Macy’s is launching a hyjab-friendly fashion line [Huffington Post]
    • Did you know Khan Academy is non-profit? [Khan Academy @ Tumblr]
    • Centro da Google em “Oeiras Valley” dinamiza concelho [Observador]
  • Wednesday, 2017.Feb.07:
    • Taiwan earthquake kills 4 and leaves scores homeless [New York Times] [CNN]
    • Josh McDaniels won’t stay with the Colts as HC, returns to the Patriots [Bleacher Report]
    • Elon Musk’s Tesla overshot Mars’ orbit and heads to asteroids belt [The Verge] [Wired]
    • Screen addiction among teenagers: is there such a thing? [NPR]
    • What the ‘screen time’ experts do with their own kids [NPR]
    • Álvaro Siza Vieira @ Studio Fernando Guerra [Studio Fernando Guerra]
  • Thursday, 2017.Feb.08:
    • Quincy Jones – In Conversation [Vulture] [Spin]
    • Best Innovators of 2018: Innovators go ‘all in’ on digital [BCG]
    • Plagiarism software reveals source for 11 of Shakespeare’s plays [New York Times]
    • Internet activist and Grateful Dead lyricist, John Barlow, dies at 70 [Wired] [C-net]
    • The links between habits and user satisfaction [Startup Pulse]
    • Chinese police gets face-recognizing glasses ahead of New Year [C-net] [Quartz]
    • What’s it’s like to be a mom in a country that really cares, the Netherlands [Quartz]
    • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young could reunite over Trump hatred [Ultimate Classic Rock]
Zach Ertz dives for a 'touchdown' during Superbowl LI, 2018.Feb.04

Zach Ertz dives for a ‘touchdown’ during Superbowl LI, 2018.Feb.04

  • Friday, 2017.Feb.09:
    • First human eggs grown in laboratory [BBC]
    • The physics of SpaceX’s double-booster landing [Wired]
    • Facebook confirms testing “downvote” for flagging comments [TechCrunch] [Huffington Post] [C-net]
    • Transhumanism is changing sci-fi television [Wired]
    • US Government shuts down as Congress fails to vote budget [BBC]
    • Pat Torpey, drummer of Mr. Big, dies at 64 [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • Patent for the Gibson Flying V was issued 60 years ago [Ultimate Classic Rock]
    • Winter Olympics begin in Pyong-Chang (South Korea) [ABC News] [The Guardian]
    • Portugal “tira 3 coelhos da cartola” a caminho da final do Euro de futsal [Diário de Notícias]
    • Cavs’ roster purge preparing for life with or without LeBron James [Bleacher Report]
  • Saturday, 2017.Feb.10:
    • Portugal é campeão europeu de futsal, 3-2 (a.p.) contra a Espanha [UEFA] [O Jogo] [DN] [Público]
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