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The week in news #90 & #91 – 2018JAN08 … 2018JAN21

For these 90th and 91st weeks, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Jeddah Tower being constructed, Hasselblad’s 400Mpixel camera, Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks, biggest wave surfed in Nazaré, Airbus 380’s future secured, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2018.Jan.09:
    • Koreas agree to militar talks, North Korea confirms Olympics participation [The Korean Herald]
    • Pfizer stops research on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases [The Telegraph]
  • Thursday, 2018.Jan.12:
    • Donald Trump refers to Central American and African countries as ‘shithole’ [CNN]
    • Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks spur international anger [Al Jazeera]
    • German coalition talks: Merkel welcomes breakthrough [BBC]
    • Kazuyoshi Miura, the world’s oldest player, extends contract [CNN]
  • Tuesday, 2017.Jan.16:
    • Hasselblad’s H6D-400c costs $45k and captures 400 megapixel photos [Digital Trends]
  • Wednesday, 2018.Jan.17:
    • Jeddah Tower – the tallest building in the world in under construction [CNN]
    • Middle East conflicts spur disastrous new trends for region [Human Rights Watch]
    • World’s largest underwater cave found [National Geographic]
    • Boko Haram bombers kill 12, injury 48 [Reuters]
    • Beautiful Iceland on film [Fubiz]
  • Thursday, 2018.Jan.18:
    • Newly spotted asteroid slips by Earth and nearby satellites [C-net]
    • Aitbus 380’s future secured by Emirates order [CNN]
    • What’s inside the squishy Tide pods [Wired]
    • Bulls impress in loss to Warriors [ – Bulls]
    • Damian Lillard talks about All-Star snubs [Bleacher Report]
Quantum encrypted transmission

Quantum encrypted transmission

  • Friday, 2017.Mmm.Dd:
    • The lighting network could make Bitcoin cheaper and faster [Wired]
    • Intercontinental quantum-encrypted video hangout [Wired]
    • Kitkat unveils chocolate that is naturally pink quartz [Design Taxi]
    • Português pode ter surfado a maior onda de sempre [Diário de Notícias]
  • Sunday, 2017.Mmm.Dd:
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