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The week in news #87 – 2017DEZ18 … 2017DEZ24

For this 87th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: winter solistice traditions, Bitcoin inventor among the world’s 50 wealthiest, Atlanta Airport power failure cancels 100+ flights, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2017.Dec.18:
    • Bitcoin misterious inventor is now among the 50 wealthiest on Earth [Quartz]
    • 10 business lessons you can get my visiting Disney World [Inc.]
    • 7 storytelling structures to improve your presentations [Enterpreneur]
    • How people around the world celebrate the winter solistice [Quartz]
    • Even if you forget the language you spoke as a child, it always stays with you [Quartz]
    • Falha de energia no maior aeroporto do mundo (Atlanta) cancela centenas de voos [Sapo]
    • Death threats haunt Miss Iraq after controversial selfie [CNN]
    • Diddy wants to buy the Panthers and hire Colin Kaepernick [Mashable]
    • The school closed. The players left. But the coach can’t quit. [New York Times]
  • Tuesday, 2017.Dec.19:
  • Wednesday, 2017.Dec.20:
  • Friday, 2017.Dec.22:
    • The Democrats’ wave could turn into a flood [FiveThirtyEight]
    • Richard Branson: “Want to raise successful kids? Work from home!” [Inc.]
    • Bejamin Netanyahu: “Several countries considering moving embassies to Jerusalem!” [CNN]
    • Owners of the Hard Rock Casino want to build a gas station [Biz Journals]
    • 2017 tech ‘in memoriam’ [Wired]
    • Bitcoin inevitable plunge is here [CNN] [Quartz]
    • Human expansion beyond Planet Earth [BBVA OpenMind]
    • The trait you look for most in a lover [Design Taxi]
    • Snowden’s new app turns your cellphone into a home security system [Wired]
    • How Apple risks losing its position of trust [C-net]
    • The secrets to a true restorative vacation [TED Ideas]
Bitcoin (illustration)

Bitcoin (illustration)

  • Sunday, 2017.Mmm.Dd:
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