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The week in news #83 – 2017NOV20 … 2017NOV26

For this 83rd week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Charles Manson dies aged 83, small tsunamis in South Pacific, Jana Novotna dies at 49, Robert Mugabe finally resigns, Black Friday, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2017.Nov.20:
    • Charles Manson dies aged 83 after 40 years in prison [BBC] [CNN] [New York Times] [Observador]
    • Morocco food aid stampede kills 15 [BBC]
    • Gerry Adams to step down as Sinn Fein leader []
    • Chaos in Zimbabwe as Mugabe refuses to resign [The Guardian]
    • Kenya’s supreme court uphelds the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta [Quartz]
    • Homes should not be abandoned after a nuclear accident [EurekAlert!]
    • Kevlar cartilage can help you recover from joint injuries [Engadget]
    • Small tsunamis detected in the South Pacific, after magnitude 7 undersea quakes [Reuters]
    • If you are na entrepreneur, personal experiences are the only contents you should create []
    • Jana Novotna, winner of 1998 Wimbledon, dies from cancer aged 49 [The Guardian] [BBC]
    • Quando Salazar proibiu o Benfica de Eusébio de ir a Moscovo [Diário de Notícias]
  • Tuesday, 2017.Nov.21:
    • Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage [New York Times]
    • European Union signed na historic deal to integrate 23 armies [Quartz]
    • NASA reveals historic visitor: the ‘alien’ comet up close [Daily Mail]
    • Pope Francis criticises atitudes of ‘climate change deniers’ [Huffington Post]
    • Nigeria economy is bouncing back – thanks to its oil [Quartz]
    • China faces challenges in renewable energy curtailment [GreenTech Media]
    • The nationalist delusion [The Atlantic]
    • One Thanksgiving won’t make you obese. But twenty… [FiveThirtyEight]
    • Elegant and intimate portraits of famous women [Fubiz]
    • As wildfires rages, the Forest Service captures it in VR [Digital Trends]
    • 3 UX design basics most designers get wrong [WebDesignerHub]
    • Shirley Manson reacts to Morrissey’s statements: “Fuck you!” [Spin]
    • Noel Gallagher says his cat is more rock n’ roll than Radiohead [Stereogum]
    • Amazing tennis court inside 16th Century church [Fubiz]
  • Wednesday, 2017.Nov.22:
    • Ratko Mladic jailed for life for Bosnia genocide [BBC]
    • US Navy airplane crashes in the Philippine Sea, leaving 3 missing [CNN]
    • Bill Gates: Why I’m digging deep into Alzheimer’s [Gates Notes]
    • PSD2 – the directive that will change banking forever [Evry]
    • Making the most of the Ecosystem Economy [McKinsey & Company]
    • Startups that succeed have founders that hire business people [Harvard Business Review]
    • David Cassidy, star of “The Partridge Family”, dies at 67 [New York Times]
    • If music gives you goosebumps, your brain might be special [Indy100]
  • Thursday, 2017.Nov.23:
    • How Zimbabweans celebrated the end of Robert Mugabe [Quartz]
    • Russian journalist explains how the Kremlin instructed the coverage of the 2016 election [The New Yorker]
    • Here is how the end of net neutrality will change the Internet [Wired]
    • Deciding at what age to give a kid a smartphone [NPR]
    • Infographic – Black Friday trends around the world [Design Taxi]
    • Three cups of coffee a day may have health benefits [BBC]
    • Coca-Cola outlines new priorities [The Motley Fool]
    • Mariana Mortágua: “Não votaremos propostas do PSD ou CDS!” [Público]
    • Night (animated) photographs of Tokyo [Fubiz]
Black Friday

Black Friday

  • Friday, 2017.Nov.24:
    • Cyntoia Brown murder case back to the media [CNN]
    • NASA timelapse “paints” most complete story of life [NASA] [BBC] [YouTube]
    • Cancer immunoterapy market: awareness of new technologies [Pulse]
    • Coke and Pepsi lose market also on non-fizzy drinks [The Economic Times]
    • Tesla electric Semi’s price is surprisingly competitive at $150000 [Engadget]
    • Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge: ergonomic, mechanical, split [Tom’s Hardware]
    • Oscar Pistporius’ sentence increased to 13 years [BBC] [CNN]
    • Esta NBA não é (só) para americanos [Sapo24]
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