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The week in news #71 & #72 – 2017AUG28 … 2017SEP10

For these 70th and 71st weeks, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: the first car built and driven by Karl Benz, Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, Nissan Leaf one step beyond, Nadal wins US Open, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2017.Aug.28:
    • July 3rd, 1886: Karl Benz drives the first automobile [EDN]
  • Wednesday, 2017.Aug.30:
    • The Wardenclyffe Tower: the dream that sank Tesla [BBVA OpenMind]
  • Thursday, 2017.Aug.31:
    • Google uses its power to quash ideas it doesn’t like [Gizmodo]
    • Google critic ousted from “think tank” group [New York Times]
    • [2011.Aug.18] Google Plus buttons improve search visibility [IMA]
    • Basics of bioinspired art [BBVA OpenMind]
  • Tuesday, 2017.Sep.05:
    • Pope Francis visits Colombia [CNN]
    • Narendra Modi visits Myanmar for bilateral visit [The Hindu]
    • Houston businessman buys Houston Rockets for $2.2 billion [ESPN]
  • Wednesday, 2017.Sep.06:
    • Hurricane Irma heads for Puerto Rico [New York Times]
    • Hurricane Irma seen from space [Huffington Post]
    • Brexit – UK plans to curb immigration [BBC]
    • Catalonia sets independence referêndum for October 1st [ABC]
    • Portugal has the best quality of life for expats in the world [Quartz]
    • Billions of people likely drinking plastic contaminated water [IFLScience]
    • Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 [Wired]
    • Nissan Leaf goes further with one-pedal driving [BBC]
Hurricane Irma, as seen from space, 2017-09-06

Hurricane Irma, as seen from space, 2017-09-06

  • Friday, 2017.Sep.08:
    • Weather risk models are getting dangerously out-of-date [MIT Technology Review]
    • Should you worry about Imposter Syndrome? [Pulse]
    • 143 million Americans have their driver licence data exposed in cyberattack [New York Times]
    • AI drones will start patrolling for sharks in Austrália [Silicon Angle]
    • Lyft and Drive.AI partner to bring driverless taxis to the Bay Area [Lyft]
    • The 10 biggest Europpean tech stories of the week [Pulse]
    • Kofi Annan: Water, Food, and Energy Security for all [Pulse]
    • Drones and robots are taking over industrial inspection [MIT Technology Review]
    • Myanmar is laying landmines in Bangladesh border, report says [Al Jazeera]
  • Saturday, 2017.Sep.09:
    • Sloane Stephens beats Madison Keys for US Open title [US Open]
    • Alberto Contador wins the Angliru in his final Vuelta [Cycling News]
  • Sunday, 2017.Sep.10:
    • Rafa Nadal beats Ken Anderson for US Open title [US Open]
    • Chris Froome wins Vuelta 2017, first “double” (with Tour) since 1978 [Cycling News]
    • The changing colours of the Vuelta’s leader jersey [CNN]
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