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The week in news #68 – 2017AUG07 … 2017AUG13

For this 68th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Portugal by Pordata, reproduction in the lab, Gatlin ends Bolt’s dominance, a guide for the solar eclipse, the German government and carmakers, Facebook’s algorithm, Intel Core X-series, new dinosaur species, etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

Justin Gatlin wins World Championships, Usain Bolt third, August 2017

Justin Gatlin wins World Championships, Usain Bolt third, August 2017

Today, I learned about The Center for Public Integrity, a very interesting project in the USA, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes (2014 and 2017), which exists since 1989.

P3, Actualidade (2017-08-07)

P3, Actualidade (2017-08-07)

  • Tuesday, 2017.Aug.08:
    • Christians are more likely to say it’s people fault they’re poor [Huffington Post]
    • The cult of India’s Silicon Valley is taking techies off their desks [Quartz]
    • Intel unwraps the Core X-Series  CPU family [Tom’s Hardware]
    • Can humans observe single photons? [MIT Technology Review]
    • 6 things you must quit doing if you want to succeed [Enterpreneur]
    • The new Google Glass is on sale (but don’t get it!) [Engadget]
    • Infographic: 10 commandments of good ethics for designers [Design Taxi]
    • Taiwan tower has nearly as much plants as Central Park [World Economic Forum]
    • 72 years after Hiroshima, where is Japan’s commitment to end nuclear weapons? [Greenpeace]
    • How cozy the German government is with its carmakers [Quartz]
    • Stunning fossil is a new dinosaur species [National Geographic]
    • Bird filmed feeding fish (and why) [National Geographic]
    • 20 locais para visitar na Islândia [Volta ao Mundo]
    • Frank Zappa – Jazz from Hell [Pop Matters]
    • [2015.Oct.22] Paul Rivera: Modding amps in the 80’s [Music Radar]
    • Real Madrid’s plan for digital world’s global domination [BBC]
    • 25 years ago: the Dream Team wins gold in Barcelona [NBA | video]
Google Glass

Google Glass

  • Wednesday, 2017.Aug.09:
    • Earthquake in China kills 19, injuries 247 [Reuters]
    • North Korea considering missile attack on Guam [BBC]
    • Australians will vote to legalize same-sex marriage [CNN]
    • Phillipines SC rules Ferdinando Marcos may stay at Heroes’ Cemetery [CNN] [PhilStar]
    • Homes as power-stations can cut fuel bills by 60% [EurekAlert!]
    • Tutorial – Machine Learning Neural Network [Code Project]
    • Pilotless planes are coming. Would you fly in one? [Entrepreneur]
    • Biological teleporter can seed life through galaxy [MIT Technology Review]
    • Benfica começa defesa do título com 3-1 ao Braga [Diário de Notícias][Record]
  • Thursday, 2017.Aug.10:
    • Lloyds Bank CEO, António Horta Osório, talks Brexit and UK Economy [Forbes]
    • Scientists hack a computer using DNA [MIT Technology Review]
    • Prameet Kamat: The Internet is going down [Pulse]
    • The conversation on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning [Forbes]
    • A “swimming boat” exploring the ruins of the Fukushima Plant [Element14]
    • Mazda: There is life in Internal Combustion [MIT Technology Review] [Wired]
    • Semi-autonomous cars are making us worse drivers [MIT Tecnology Review] [Bloomberg]
    • Meditation for those who don’t like meditation [Thrive Global]
    • Richard Branson: “Nobody gets everything right the first time!” [Virgin]
    • To manage your time better, pay attention to elite athletes [Thrive Global]
    • [2017-.Jun.17] The mathmatical secrets of Escher [BBVA OpenMind]
    • Catarina Furtado surpreende aos 44 anos [N-TV]
    • Why are stars like Adele losing their voices? [The Guardian]
Relativity, by M.C. Escher

Relativity, by M.C. Escher

  • Friday, 2017.Aug.11:
    • LG V30 will be the first phone with an f/1.6 lens [The Verge]
    • These tree-planting drones will start a forest from the sky [Fast Company]
    • How one founder is using tech to change how people work [Pulse]
    • What is intermitent fasting? – a guide to burning more fat []
    • A guide to the 2017 solar eclipse [CNN]
    • Chuva de meteoros no próximo sábado [Observador]
    • The Flipside: Lorde’s mellodrama [Pop Matters]
    • Cliff Burton’s father has been giving Metallica royalties to music scholarships [Spin]
    • Shapovalov stuns Nadal in Canada at Rogers Cup [The Guardian] [ATP Tour] [YouTube]
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