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The week in news #67 – 2017JUL31 … 2017AUG06

For this 67th week, another selection of the most relevant world news and articles: Prince Philip retires from public duty, Mark Cuban talks about the tech bubble, climate change, life origin on Earth, the National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela, Boko Haram attack, data upload via CRISPR, Neymar set for PSG (€222M), etc.

As mentioned before, most contents are curated (in either English or Portuguese) via Feedly or Wikipedia’s Current Events.

  • Monday, 2017.Jul.31:
    • Tackling climate change through human engineering [BBVA OpenMind]
    • Earth to warm 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century [CNN]
    • Theory suggests life on Earth wasn’t a fluke of Biology, but rather Physics [Wired]
    • Mark Cuban: “Why this tech bubble is more dangerous than the 2000 one.” [Pulse]
    • Evo Morales declares ‘total independence’ from World Bank and IMF [TeleSur] [American Herald Tribune]
    • [2017.June.10] Maduro wants to rewrite Venezuela’s Constitution [Washington Post]
    • USA condemns Maduro and elections to create National Constituent Assmebly [US Dept of State]
    • Why we oppose Maduro’s National Constituent Assembly [Human Rights Watch]
    • Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly election [Wikipedia]
    • World’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Switzerland [CNN]
    • A chess master with an unpredictable style, and the hopes of a nation [New Yorker]
Climate change

Climate change

  • Tuesday, 2017.Aug.01:
    • Hacking back: to do or not to do [IEEE]
    • AI meets VR when nVidia trains Isaac on Holodeck [Tom’s Hardware]
    • Watchdog Group files complaint over Google tracking personal purchases [NPR]
    • To make a smarter chatbot, make it learn a second language [MIT Technology Review]
    • 3 keys to success from a lesser-known 20th century genius []
    • Guess what? What are all born with mathematical abilities [NPR]
    • Why court wins for NY and Illinois are a big win for renewables [Green Tech Media]
    • Boko Haram ambush death toll hits 69 [News 24]
    • ‘None of us would stay silent’ while civilians suffer in Syria [United Nations]
    • Zebra escapes crocodiles, only to run into lions [National Geographic]
    • Some pretty good science will happen during the eclipse [FiveThirtyEight]
    • Marty Friedman discusses his hatred of shredders in new album [Guitar World]
    • Photo Gallery: 29 amazing sports photos [CNN]
  • Wednesday, 2017.Aug.02:
    • The art of Risk Management [BCG]
    • What is CRISPR? How does it work? [Broad Institute] [Gizmodo] [YouTube]
    • How quantum physics is going to revolutionise biochemistry [MIT Technology Review]
    • These radio telescopes are discovering how the Universe began [C-net]
    • Netflix DDoS attack against itself (in 2016), for Internet protection [Wired]
    • More and more women and minorities are taking Computer Science [NPR]
    • Characteristics of metabollic unealthy people [Science Daily]
    • Five reasons for CIOs to use contractors [Pulse]
  • Thursday, 2017.Aug.03:
    • The american scientists stepping up to run for office [Wired]
    • Prince Philip retires after 22219 public appearances [ABC News]
    • Bill Gates is not the wealthiest man in the world [Huffington Post]
    • Earthquakes shake Central Oklahoma seven times in 28 hours [NPR]
    • Human embryos edited to stop heart disease [BBC] [Science News]
    • Anny Divya: the youngest female Boeing 777 commander [CNN]
    • Avioneta aterra de emergência na Costa da Caparica e mata 2 pessoas [Observador | 2 | 3 | 4]
    • Tesla Model Y SUV is coming sooner, thanks to Model 3 platform [C-net Road Show]
    • Microsoft EyeControl for Windows 10 is available for testers [The Verge]
    • Marla Sukesh – Learn Angular in 10 days [Code Project]
    • Why isn’t any team hiring Colin Caepernick? [Bleacher Report]
    • Neymar set to leave Barcelona for PSG for €222 million [BBC] [Guardian] [L’Équipe]
    • La Liga reject the €222M check for Neymar’s release clause [Bleacher Report]
Neymar, during a PSG - Barcelona match, 2017

Neymar, during a PSG – Barcelona match, 2017

  • Friday, 2017.Aug.04:
    • A history of global warming, in 35 seconds [Climate Central]
    • IoT: monitor your car with the Samsung Wheels OBD-II [Element14]
    • Tesla joins efforts to pair batteries with offshore wind [Climate Central]
    • [2016.Jul] DNA-guided genome editing using the Natronobacterium [PubliMed]
    • Cognitive earing aid filters out the noise [EurekAlert!]
    • Woman sentenced to 15 months after incentivating boyfriend to suicide [CNN]
    • Gary Vaynerchuk: Learning masculinity from my mom [Thrive Global]
    • Retouching cell-phone photos before snapping them [MIT News]
    • Sales and Marketing: opposites can attract [Pulse]
    • Tony Robbins: “Expect your dreams to be destroyed!” [Thrive Global]
    • Double rainbow over the White House on Trump’s absence [Fox News]
  • Saturday, 2017.Aug.05:
    • Benfica vence V. Guimarães 3-1 e conquista Supertaça [A Bola] [RTP] [TSF]
  • Sunday, 2017.Aug.06:
    • How the Neymars betrayed Barcelona on the way to PSG [Sport] [NZ Herald]
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