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“The Book of Joy”, by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

At the Meditation practice today, a reference to a book was made: “The Book of Joy“, by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.

The whole practice was a fluid experience, a strongly felt experience of completeness and awareness, unlike the previous two, where the quotidian somewhat prevailed throughout.

Today, the feeling of being capable to always change perspective in face of adversity instantly set in, while references to the book were being made.

Thoughts eloped with purposes and objectives.
At a certain moment, it felt like being a ladybug about to spread her wings, not about to fly, but only to gain some momentum and balance from the leaf on the wind she is on.
Yet, she was not on a leaf, but rather on the sleeve of someone being watched after in a garden.
Less poetic, but real. As real as imagination tells.

Hugo @ Meditation #18, Upaya Center

The book is now, once again, the subject.
The cover has the two authors smiling while facing each other.

It is impossible not to have a positive approach once you open it for the first time.
There is also a website about the book and what comes from it, how we live life in the face of adversity.

I went looking for quotes from the book, and the quest lasted some 3 minutes… yup, that fast and easy. Here go two of my personal choices:

I say to people that I’m not an optimist, because that, in a sense, is something that depends on feelings more than the actual reality.
We feel optimistic, or we feel pessimistic. Now, hope is different in that it is based not on the ephemerality of feelings but on the firm ground of conviction.
I believe with a steadfast faith that there can never be a situation that is utterly, totally hopeless.
Hope is deeper and very, very close to unshakable.

– Dalai Lama XIV

Discovering more joy does not, save us from th inevitability of hardship and heartbreak. In fact, we may cry more easily, but we will laugh more easily too.
Perhaps we are just more alive. Yet as we discover more joy, we can face suffering in a way that ennobles rather than embitters.
We have hardship without becoming hard.
We have heartbreaks without being broken.

– Desmond Tutu

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