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What will ever be

Teenagers have flirts, crushes, passions… but, once in a while, they feel that their relationship may be deeper than that, although they may be too young and immature.

More often than not, it all ends.
Bitterly and unexpectedly.

But the memory of an intense feeling remains clear… and also a number of deeply felt and intense moments, when hearts galloped like never before. And yet, they were nothing but kisses in the rain, now long gone.

With one distant warm grin,
You show me (that) you also know,
There’s no ‘what could have been’,
The good remains… the bad, not so.

It’s only faint,
It is long gone,
That feeling of sudden loss,
The day you were there no more.
In brief innocuous words,
We will never admit… the tears cried.
Us two will never show,
What once was… our love denied.

I try not to think of it,
For now, (it’s) only good to know,
You’re doin’ ok…
That’s what I see, what you show.

(An) awake of the senses,
I cannot forfeit,
All this a natural, perhaps eternal,
Bitter-sweet taste in my mouth.
And as it was beginning to grow,
It’ll end… unless we otherwise decide.
Looking back, we’ll never know,
What will ever be… our love denied.

      – in “What Will Ever Be“, by Hyug Badox

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