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Today is tomorrow…

Wrote this yesterday and it makes perfect sense.

The expression “today… is tomorrow” is used by Bill Murray’s character in “Groundhog Day” when he finally comes through the night to see 6:01am the next day.

I feel like writting again.
I feel restless again.
Enter music.
Enter words.

I bought the tickets and chose the seats
Two by two, we sat, all perfect fits
I had her in sight
Holded her hand tight
The film’s quality, subpar
We were to become not what we are

A long time ago I was dubbed the mogwai
Few came to know and fewer knew why
She could lose my sight
Never fed me after midnight
It became a nick, an avatar
Less than what it once was, by far

I chose the life I have… and have had
Not the same as there and then
Nostalgic, yet not sad
I know now it was bound to end

          by Hyug, just now

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