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Best album (pt.3) – The Waterboys, Room To Roam

I was going away for the weekend, camping with friends a few miles north of Lisbon… inside my dear friend’s Fiat, a tape was playing and the sound was definately adventurous and irish. Mike Scott’s voice and witty lyrics became a reference there and then, for I only knew him as the guy who sang “The Whole Of The Moon“.

The weekend passed and I dove into a record store the next Monday to find the album… and hearing the first sounds and listening to “Where will I wander and wander ?… Nobody knows…” kept me glued to the speakers until the last sounds of “Further Up, Further In“.
It had become an instant favourite.

To this day, I love the double meaning behind the very first song, where the “search of a rose” can either be seen/interpreted as a personal development (quest) or a love endeavour.
I will leave the lyrics here, as I often come back to them for inspiration.

Where will I wander and wonder… nobody knows!
But wherever I’m going I’ll go, in search of a rose.

Whatever the will of the weather, and whether it shines or snows
Wherever I’m going I’ll go, in search of a rose.

I don’t know where it’s found, but I don’t mind
As long as the world spins around, I’ll take my time.

I’ll savour the softness of summer, I’ll wrap up when winter blows
And wherever I’m going I’ll go, in search of a rose.

– by Mike Scott, in “In Search of a Rose

Incidently, the album back cover has an error as “Kaliope House” is stated as the fourth song, when in fact it’s on the end of the record/CD.

That weekend, I also decided to pick up David Byrne’s (then) latest album, Uh-Oh.
Two strange decisions for a guitar addict.

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